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Dog Pet


  • Where will you pick up my pet from?
    We can either come to your residence and receive your pet or we can work together with your local vet. Just call us and we will help set it all up with your or your vet.
  • How do I know if it is my pet's cremated remains.
    Here at Forsyth Co. Pet Cremations, we provide private individual cremations for your pet. This means that only your pet will be in the crematory during the cremation. After each cremation the machine is cleaned out before another cremation takes place. We take special care in assuring you that you will receive the remains of your pet only.
  • What happens if my pet passes when the vet is closed?
    We are avalaible 24/7 and are always williing to help. Just call us and we will come and receive your pet in the comfort of your home. We are here to serve your pet with the same love and care you would.
  • How do I get back the Ashes.
    Once the cremation is completed and your pet is in their urn. It would be our honor to deliver your beloved pet to your house or any location you choose. We are here to help and serve you and your family in any way.
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